Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Now there's a word I haven't used in a while, but it is indeed appropriate as I will share with you my lovely night. I'd like to say I can't remember the last time I vomited before last night. Unfortunately I can and it involved very large quantities of alcohol and some bad decisions. But last night had nothing to do with alcohol. I think I got a bug of stomach flu. (I looked up the symptoms online... where would we be without the internet and self-diagnosis?) But I had every one of them. And how are you supposed to drink fluids to prevent dehydration when they just come back up? I threw up three times last night and when I wasn't throwing up I was sitting on the pot or trying to get warm or being too warm or tossing and turning... you get the picture, I'm sure. I was debating about whether or not I should go to school today. I thought about trying to just suck it up, but I finally rolled out of bed at 5:30 and enter information for a substitute. I was pretty certain I had made the right decision when I couldn't even manage to type up my sub instructions because I was feeling so bad. I decided to wait to call my principal and carpool buddy until 6:30. In the meantime, I took a chance on trying tylenol again. Luckily it stayed down and seemed to help greatly. I made my calls at 6:30 and then went back to bed until 10:00. And I am feeling better in general, but still moving slowly. Right now I am trying to replenish my liquids as I don't think there was a single drop left in me.
Although I have the day at home, I don't think I am going to get much accomplished. I've learned that guilt is just part of the territory. I know I shouldn't have it and I should just rest, but there's so much to do. But I think I don't have much choice. But I did blog... so that's something right?

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Richard said...

Some bad decisions? It's all part of experiencing life. If no one got hurt, and no one went to jail, should you still have regrets? Doesn't alcohol just remove some of the inhibitions?