Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter is Here

Well, yesterday I didn't get any shopping done, nor did Marty's sister come over. No, winter decided to visit... but not the pretty kind with snowflakes and such. It just kind of drizzled and froze. When I left to go to church yesterday, I realized that my windows were completely iced over. So I had to spend about 10 minutes scraping and was late to class. Actually as I attempted to turn on the street next to the church, my car started sliding, but I managed to stop before hitting anything.
Since I was home all day yesterday, do you think I accomplished anything? Well, I did a little... but not much. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I finished reading my Sue Grafton book. I did NOT grade papers. I did not do laundry. I did take a nap, however. Unfortunately because I did that, I had a hard time sleeping last night. It was one of those nights where you toss and turn and look at the clock every hour or so and not really getting any kind of sleep. I don't really remember sleeping. And to top things off, I had to get up by 5:45 because of the weather. We had to leave early because the roads were still very icy.
On the way to work today we passed two car wrecks, a car off the road, a semi-truck off the road and another one that had overturned and was completely on it's side. I drove about 35 mph. We did make it in time. Unfortunately my windshield wipers were not working very well at all. I had a small hole that I could sort of see through. So this morning during my conference I went to Auto Zone and got new blades. That was an ordeal in itself, but luckily there are nice, smart guys that work there and they took care of replacing them for me.
Now I have just finished lunch and am waiting for my next class to arrive. I need to finish grading papers, but I thought a break would be nice. I did get my 1st period classes grades finished and everyone passed except for one student. This student made a 45 on the easiest semester test in the world. It was a multiple choice test with only TWO choices. It had a small section (5) of matching and a few short answer questions. Half of the short answer questions were simple like.. what is the name of this class and what is one of my favorite past times? (Keep in mind I have rollercoaster pictures posted in my room and the class name is written on both the test and the answer sheet).
Luckily school is out at 2:00 today and tomorrow and Wednesday are shorter days.
Well, I better get started on grading more papers. I am kind of cheating in the fact that I'm not even reading their journal entries. If they wrote anything, I counted it. I'm doing the same thing on their worksheets. I also decided to drop one of their lowest daily grades as well. See... I'm not the meanest teacher in the world.

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Summer said...

Why don't they close schools when you have such bad weather? All it will take is one school bus to slide off the road, one child being hurt and one law suit. That's crazy to risk lives in that manner.