Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Still not up to Par

I forced myself to go to school today simply because I hadn't thrown up in 24 hours. I could have definitely used more time in bed. I still had a fever this morning, but I had tests to give and papers to grade. Immediately after getting home, I had to go pick up some conga drums for our church music program and then we had a rehearsal. After that Josh and I went to McDonald's to get lunch, but nothing sounded good at all. I forced myself to eat most of a McChicken sandwhich but couldn't finish it. I then took three tylenol and a well-deserved nap. Now I'm up, but still not 100%. And I have sooooo much to do. But I am hoping that if I rest tonight that maybe I'll be better tomorrow. I can dream, can't I? Oh, did I mention that I've lost 4 lbs in 2 days? Not the best way to lose it. I think I'd rather have my appetite back and not be running to the bathroom every hour.

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