Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Christmas

I am hoping I have a moment to slow down and take it easy for a few days now. Yeah, right. I think I've said this before. But I am at least going to try. Josh and I made a whirlwind trip to Albuquerque leaving late on Christmas eve arriving at 2:15 a.m. (Texas time). It was a very long drive and I was tired, but made it just fine. We had a nice Christmas with my aunt and uncle. They gave me a cordless drill, toaster oven and a candle warmer. Josh got a computer game he was wanting and some cool Lord of the Ring sword replicas. Santa brought him some books, a DVD and a self-cleaning electric razor. I can't believe my baby is old enough to shave. My aunt made turkey with the trimmings and they had some neighbors over to eat. I got a little buzzed on a bloody mary and a rum and coke. After dinner, I was still exhausted and took a 3 hour nap. We watched the movie Scrooged as it is a tradition.
On Monday we did a little shopping, much to the chagrin of Josh. I went to see my sister so I could take her gifts to her. She gave me a very nice Catholic family Bible. We had dinner out and then returned home. I was able to finish reading one of my books for pleasure which was nice. Oh, one of my friends gave me a Hastings gift card, so I can perhaps pick up another book to read during my break.
We left this morning around 10:30 and arrived home shortly after 3:00. I caught up on my blog reading and then took a nap. I ordered chinese take-out for dinner and now I'm just catching up on my own blogs while having a glass of wine.
So you haven't missed much in my world, but there you go. My exciting life as it is.

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Summer said...

It all sounds wonderful to me. Glad you're home safe and sound. Merry Christmas!