Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shopping Daze

I don't know if it is because I'm getting old, or I'm out of shape, or that I'm recovering from the stomach flu... or maybe a bit of all three... but shopping today was completely exhausting. I should have probably held off until tomorrow and taken it easy today, but I fear tomorrow would have been far worse. I am almost finished though. I only have to buy for my aunt and uncle and my cousin. Not sure what I'm going to get them. I'll probably take the easy way out and get them gift certificates. It was complete madness today. I thought that if I went during the weekday it wouldn't be as bad. No. It was horrible. Traffic was nuts. Stores were packed. Checkout lines took forever. I did get my burrito from Taco Villa, which was quite tasty, but I couldn't finish it. I guess my stomach has really shrunk, because I can ALWAYS devour a meat burrito grande and usually a taco as well. Oh well. It's not a bad thing I guess. I would like to keep off those pounds I lost. I have no appetite for supper, but may force myself to eat a salad.
Well, I am off to choir rehearsal and then will probably be in bed shortly after I return.

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