Tuesday, September 19, 2006

About Personal Ads

To answer Summer's question on the previous blog post, I think my profile is pretty comparable to other females' ads. I think mine is actually pretty decent for several reasons. (And I'm not being arrogant... my faithful blog readers should know that I'm not that way at all.) First, it is a complete profile. I filled out information for just about every space and used almost all the words possible in my description. It is also grammatically correct. I know I've had errors in my blogs before, but that is simply carelessness and generally rushing a post. But for the most part, I try to make sure that if I'm going to try to catch someone's attention, I feel I should take care to spell things correctly and use correct grammar. That is something that would impress me. I have found in searching ads that the females are either generally smarter or more careful when it comes to their writing. Most that I viewed didn't have glaring mistakes in them. I also have pictures which I feel is a definite must for an ad. I think that those that don't put pictures are hiding something or weigh about 650 pounds. (And then they write that they are stocky or have a few extra pounds.) I think my pictures are decent and they show what I really look like other than my hair being longer now. They aren't years old. I guess I fudged a little by marking that I was average in weight. I think that a lot of guys won't even consider someone that has a few extra pounds. I'm not skinny, but I'm certainly not obese either. I would hope that someone would be more interested in what I've got going on upstairs instead of the size of my full figure. Yes, we should have our own standards, but some guys have them so high that they won't settle for anything but utter perfection in looks. My profile isn't negative. I don't list the things that guys should not be or do.

So today's match.com activity has been a big fat zero other than some people have looked at my profile. I did get an email last night from someone stating that he was pursuing something with someone else... which was perfectly fine. I do appreciate the acknowledgement. I'm not complaining, but I am still wondering if perhaps I am just going to remain out of the loop of most men. I am by no means desperate and I hate it if I am sounding that way. I guess it's a bit of frustration because I think that I am meant to be in a loving, committed, semi-normal relationship. But I suppose we all basically judge books by their covers. I'm just wondering what might be wrong with mine.... because I think I'm a pretty good read if someone would take the time to get to the first page. (Don't you just love my analogies?)

So, the guy that kept mentioning sex in the IM conversation... I do want to say something about it. (Before Satan Himself comments) I know that guys think about sex. I know that many are just wired that way. But I think that when it comes up 3 or 4 times in the first 30 minute conversation, then perhaps it's a bigger issue than I would like to pursue. Been there, done that... still trying to get rid of the t-shirts.

And now for the entertainment portion of the blog... excerpts from actual posts (all are verbatim including spelling & punctuation):
  • I love papering the lady of my dreams with gift and stuff. I like kids some friends tell me that I still act likes a kid but I am kid at heart. plus one of my friends say that I would make a good housekeeper cause wash windows and not afraid to clean house and keep clean.
  • I'm what you would call a sexual person, what can I say, I like sex. But I am a faithful freak, if that makes any sense. I would just hope that any partner that I might get involved with would be somewhat the same way but not exactly. Not many relationships are perfect and Im not expecting that, for sure. I 'm just tired of waging the every day battle with life alone. It would be nice to have a caring, cute little sweetheart to spend some time with and to care for also.I'm here
  • I'm easy going, fun to be around, can be tempermental, do not enjoy fighting!,I hait to be pissed off, I enjoy a cleane but lived in house, I was raised to have and give respect/old school, I don't play games and do not want any games. I have been going to some bars since my girl freand and i broke up about a year ago. Looking for something there, and not finding what i need.
  • favorite things: motorcycles, pickups, comfortable clothes, beaf, seafood, oriental, i'll try any type of food. When i'ts raining i like to sleep or have sex(not that it happens). I shop at walmart. I don't read much but not amuine to it. I like all movies but horror.
  • i, m just an average tod tryin to find my kindred soul friend .been in northern cal for 15 years now i, m back in amarillo couse my dreams told me she is here. i enjoy living just about all the time even if i don't find you i, m still enjoyin the ride
  • I am easy going.I like play sport and watch sport.I am adventure.I have good smile.I am nice guy.I have good moral.I want female who had good moral.I like have female who like to play sport and watch sport.I want girl who like wear blue jean.
  • am chinese, 38 . no kids but someday i like to have some . iam 5, 10 , long blk hair and eyes. ive been a stagehand for a 11 years now . i do concerts here in amarillo ,lubbock , san angelo, just about any where that pays . i do hockey too and football here in amarillo / stage show too. i like togo to concerts so that one of the resons i do what i do , i like to fish ,go camping ,any thing outdoor. iam a big fan of nascar


momacakes said...

Okay, I feel better about my spelling problem...some of those adds have spelling so bad that sounding out isn't even an option.
Oh, and don't worry about not getting very many hits on your ad. You are quality and some people do not think they deserve quality.

Summer said...

fExactly momacakes.

I'm wondering if match.com is the right venue for you to use. I'll have to think about this a little.

Susanlee said...

Hey, I think that the two that sound like really broken English are actually written ASL (sign language) Justin agrees. After seeing it all day long at work, we've started to recognize the pattern. Looks like they're deaf, but not some scary guy from Africa. We also however have slight issues with people who insist in writing ASL, because let's face it, if they can read regular English in other profiles, they know that "I am adventure" isn't quite the right context...

Satan Himself said...

Even Satan Himself would agree that if a guy is talking about wild monkey sex in the first 30 minutes of talking to you, he may not be for you.

Satan also recommends staying away from guys who are fans of NASCAR.