Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Introducing the New Annabel

As much as I complain from time to time, I am in a really good place in my life right now. I know God is working in me and trying to teach me patience... but I'm a slow learner in that respect. But let me give you an example of how I've changed.

My ex-husband was supposed to bring me lunch yesterday at school and visit. He was due to arrive at 11:30 but didn't show. I called him and he hadn't woken up. He felt bad, but I told him it was o.k. and I really meant it. (See, that's where the surprise is.) On some level, I kind of expected it, but it didn't matter. The old Annabel would have told him that it was o.k. when she was really actually irritated by it. Then she'd talk bad about him and say things like "I knew he'd blow it yet again" and such. But now, it didn't bother me. I talked to him tonight and he apologized again and said he felt bad and I took him at his word. Old Annabel would have thought, "yeah, right, more excuses." I think maybe I've just grown up a little bit and am learning to not sweat the small stuff. I have that book, actually, but haven't read it. Maybe I should.

I didn't get to post yesterday because it was a long and busy day. School as usual, but then I got home and visited with my aunt and cousin. We went out to dinner that evening, then came home and visited some more. I played bartender and made margaritas for everyone. And before you ask, I only had one. I didn't get to bed until after 11:00.... again. Today was a long day at school, but still a good one. I'm thrilled with my students. I now have over 40 students on my speech team. I'm taking 24 students to the first speech tournament next weekend. And my wonderful blog friend Susan has kindly agreed to be a judge for the tournament.

I stayed for a little while after school today to get some work done and figured I had just enough time to fix a quick dinner before RCIA class tonight. But when I walked in the door, Josh asked if I was ready to go. I asked "where?" He reminded me that he had a piano lesson. So I took him to his lesson while I worked on my debate lesson plans for tomorrow. Then we came home and I didn't have time to cook, but he said he'd fix himself something. I gathered my materials and went to class. Yes, I took the class last year and I don't need to go, but I want to be able to really soak in the material. I know I don't really need to add something else to my schedule, but it's something I enjoy. After class, I stayed and visited with my friend Carol and one of the people going through the class. She also has to get annulments and we visited about that. It was really great to talk with the two of them. This girl reminded me a lot of myself as she talked about her feelings about the Church and everything. I really felt inspired and excited. After that, Carol and I visited for a long while. Finally I decided I had to get home. I suddenly realized that I only had a brownie for supper. I came home and changed clothes and tried to find something to eat. The problem is that all we have is stuff for bigger meals, so I had popcorn for supper.

And that's it for my busy day. It's not slowing down any time soon. Tomorrow is choir rehearsal. Friday is actually a night off. Saturday morning is a speech event (but not tournament) and Saturday evening is our Thanksgiving Mass at Church.


abbagirl74 said...

Do you think the reason why you didn't get all worked up about the ex is because you were expecting it to happen that way? It's one of those things that happened constantly in the past, and with no partnership like before, it doesn't even phase you. I am like that with my kid's dad as well. He still knows how to push my buttons from time to time, but rarely do I ever let him see it.

Good luck to you and your students at the tourney. I hope they do well.

Susanlee said...

Ew I hate it when all we have in the kitchen is stuff that I have to really cook. It's particularly awful when all you really want to do is pop something in the microwave and move directly to the sofa...I'm so excited about the speech tournament!! Please email me the address for the high school so I can find it...