Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Hump Day again

I made it through the middle of the week. I'd say I'm on the downhill stretch, but it's just going to get more busy. Last night I went to the store. (Payday finally!) I got stuff to make goodies for the RCIA class tonight and so I made a pinapple upside-down cake and then put together the bacon-wrapped sausage things that are basically cholesterol on a stick... but so yummy. Today was a typical day at school for the most part. My principal came in and told me that he disapproved of two scripts I wanted to order because of the titles. One was called "Men Suck." I found that a bit ironic. The other was called "Gigolo in the Basement." I guess he is a bit conservative. He thought that the people at central wouldn't approve of them as well.
I got home and had to go back to the store for some things I forgot the first time. Then Josh had a piano lesson. Then I had to put the bacon-sausage things in the oven. Then I went to class. And now I'm home. Whew!

Now I'm home and I'm just about ready for bed. I have to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow. Problem is that it's chilly in the morning, but it warms up in the afternoon. Add to that the fact that if the air conditioning is on in my room, then it's a freezer. Oh, the food that I brought to class was a big hit. Everybody seemed to love it. That makes me feel pretty good. Maybe I should have them write me a letter of recommendation that I could post on Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself, you know?

There is nothing new in the world of I think I agree with Summer that perhaps it isn't the right venue for me. I'm not sure what that venue would be, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I thought it might just be nice to go on a date or something. I don't necessarily have to meet the man of my dreams, but new friends are usually nice to have. And to answer Abbagirl's comment, there is not a single's group at my church. It seems that most Catholic males my age are quite happily married. There are also no single men where I work... at least single within my age group. There's not really any other place that I go where I think I could meet people. I guess I should "get out more", but where in the heck does one go? I don't go to bars because they are too smoke-filled and it's really not any fun to go alone. I'd love to go to concerts and museums and such, but it's still the problem of time and effort I suppose.

But I'm not going to spend time worrying about it. I still have faith that God will provide. I'm still going through the process of learning more patience. So let's just wait and see what happens. I know I'm a good catch. And I truly appreciate mommacakes comment that I am quality. I need to hear that sometimes. I basically know it's true, but I tend to second guess because I often feel I'm being shrugged off. But you know what? If they can't or won't take the time to get to know me and see what's in me, then they simply aren't worth it. I know the right one is out there somewhere, maybe I need a map or something.


Rebecca said...

Well, you sound so busy that I am not sure that you would have the free time, but sometimes taking a random class at the local community college is a way to kind of network. You could try creative least you have more of a chance of finding someone literate in there. Or you could try something really wild like a basic auto repair class. That would be guaranteed to have men in that one. Also, our city sponsors a "singles" club, where they get together and do all kinds of fun stuff like learning ballroom dancing. You might want to check the city recreation listings and just see....Anyway, good luck and above all do NOT settle for anything less than what you really want. Some of those excerpts from those guys kind of creeped me out!!!

abbagirl74 said...

Well, that sucks! Surely not all of the Catholic guys are married. I know what you need. You need a night out with the girls. That will open up the male eyelids. You and some friends should go to a sports bar on a Saturday when college football viewers are thick at those establishments. Heck, if you lived closer, I would go with you. I love football and hooking people up with each other.

Too bad about the books. They would have been an interesting read.

Hang in there. One day at a time.