Monday, September 18, 2006 day two

Well, it hasn't been very eventful. I emailed the two guys I mentioned in the previous post... we'll call them the musician and the professor... (gee... that sounds like Gilligan's Island) but haven't heard back from them. They are probably as busy as I am. I just hope if that they are not interested in pursuing conversation with me that they would at least politely tell me that. I sent out about 15 emails yesterday to various people. Some were those that I was interested in, some were just some comments or questions I posed, and others were the "thanks, but I don't think we're a match" emails. I am sure that some of the people are like me in that they haven't become members and that's why they haven't emailed back. But I'm sure there are those that just aren't interested in me for some reason... though I can hardly imagine why, with me being such a great catch and all. But regardless, I think it would be a polite courtesy to let someone know that your email was received and perhaps appreciated, but they are pursuing other interests or something along those lines. I can handle the rejection as long as it isn't rude or hurtful. I would prefer the truth in most cases.
Well, I did get two emails today from others. One was the polite, "thanks but I've met someone" which was nice to know. The other was in response to my "thanks but you're too old" email that I sent. Maybe age isn't a factor for others, but I think that 52 is a bit much for me. I have put 45 as my limit and that is 9 years older than me.
There have been people looking at my profile, but nobody is sending any messages. I'm wondering if something is wrong with it... other than being wordy... which is just me. Maybe my readers can check it out and tell me what they think. I don't know if this link will work, but maybe you can try it. Be honest, but also be nice.


abbagirl74 said...

I think that your profile is just fine. You seem to be a fun-loving girl who is looking for the same in a guy. It's a great profile. If you are looking for something constructive, perhaps a different color shirt? I don't know, everything seems great. How far is the range of miles? Have you tried the singles group at your church?

Summer said...

How does your profile compare to others?

Susanlee said...

Ok, so Justin and I both took a look at ur profile, and as far as we can tell the only thing that might be making people shy away would be this line: "I have had my first marriage annulled by the Church so that I will be free to marry within it." Here's why, it makes it sound like you're very eager to get married...sort of like "please message me so that I can put this annulment to use." And while WE know you're not alter hungry or desperate, they don't.