Sunday, September 17, 2006

A lazy Sunday

It felt really good to sleep in today. I slept all the way until 8:30 or so. I could have stayed in bed longer, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't have to go to Mass today since I went yesterday.

So I'm trying this thing. Today I finally did the three day trial thing to see if it's worth it and so I could read the emails I had waiting. Well, of the five, three of them were from the same person. Another was from a guy that is too old for me personally. He is 51. The last was from one of those scam type people that can't write in what would even be close to proper English and mentions that he is out of the country... of course.

But since I had the capability of emailing others, I decided to do some heavy surfing today. I checked all the profiles that had viewed me and emailed a few people. I also emailed some others that hadn't, but I found interesting. I also emailed two of those that had originally emailed me telling them that I didn't think we were compatible, but mentioned that I would be willing to chat with them some time. (See, Richard, I'm not just ignoring everybody.)

Well, I had two IM conversations today. One is from the guy that emailed me 3 times and I am not sure how to tell him politely that he isn't my type without sounding like a snob. He seems very desperate and from the conversation, he just isn't up to par. I don't want to sound judgmental because I'm trying not to be, but is it wrong to have certain standards?

The other IM was from a guy in Lubbock that seemed pretty decent from his profile, but in the conversation, he made numerous references to sexual intimacy and what a big deal that was for him. And for your information, it wasn't exactly towards me in saying that I was hot or anything, but more along the lines of the fact that he generally rushed that part of relationships often and is what he was looking for.

So I've struck out twice so far. On the upside, there is perhaps one potential possibility that emailed me after I emailed him. There is at least a common link of music with this guy. Then I got another email from someone that I didn't think we were exactly compatible to some degree but I asked him a question and he was kind enough to respond. That guy seemed very intelligent (he's a professor) so perhaps I could strike up a friendship with him.

I'm still a bit skeptical about it all, but we'll see where it takes me in the next few days. It should at least make for some more interesting posts here.


abbagirl74 said...

sounds tough. I would hate to have to tell someone that I wasn't interested. good luck. you are a very sincere person, so I am sure you won't sound snobby.

Summer said...

Red Flags! Go for the professor!