Thursday, September 28, 2006

Social Nightmare

Josh's football game was tonight instead of tomorrow. I don't really remember ever going to games as a regular student because I was always in the band, but I can imagine the social nightmare it is. It is a place to be flirtatious, coy, loud, obnoxious, cute, clever, annoying... You name it, it's there at the game. It's full of people of all ages from babies to those that certainly shouldn't be driving any more. I guess perhaps it's just me, but it's a very annoying place to be other than the band being present. It's loud, it's now getting cold, there's bugs, and it's a sport. I go because I want to support my son and enjoy the performance of the band. Although their show is looking good, their sound was pitiful tonight. I'm still tired and would like to go to bed early again, but will probably have to go pick up Josh shortly before 11:00. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have a social life.

Luckily this weekend is free for me. No game tomorrow. No tournament on Saturday. Church, of course, on Sunday, but no choir. I may go out with a friend tomorrow night. Marty's sister-in-law mentioned getting together and going to a movie possibly. That might be fun to get out of the house. I guess I better check out which movies are showing.


abbagirl74 said...

Yeah! Free weekend for both of us. I don't have to report back to work until Monday! Three days all for my kid and myself. yeah! Have fun and relax!

Anonymous said...

I share your feelings entirely about football. Right now varsity football is my quiet time. My husband and two sons always go and I can do whatever I want. It is looking life my sons will both play though so eventually I will be forced to go for about 8 years. My oldest son is already in his second year of playing. I can handle the Jr. High games, the crowd of the High School games is a little overwhelming to me.