Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's bed time already?

I hate having to get ready for a substitute. It takes several hours just to prepare to be gone for one day. I tried to get it done before school was out, but wasn't even close. Because I'm carpooling I had to go ahead and leave by 4:30. So I came all the way back home to drop my carpool partner off and then I came in and checked my email. I headed back up to the school about 20 minutes later and stayed almost two hours. But I got what I needed done. I came home and picked up Josh as he was walking home from school after a meeting for the musical. He feels like he's getting typecast because he's playing a sailor again. But really, there's not much choice since the musical takes place on a ship. After that, we went to Walmart to get a few groceries. We got home shortly after 9:00. Thankfully, I get to sleep in tomorrow. I have a meeting at 10:00. Unfortunately, I will have to go back to work in the afternoon because we have a meeting after school. Go figure.

I hope I can get some house cleaning done tomorrow. I have a lot of company and friends coming this weekend. A friend of mine from high school will be here Thursday evening and we are going to get together for a chat. And before your minds wander... it's nothing romantic... he's gay. Then my cousin will be getting into town on Saturday. My ex-husband will also be coming through and I'm sure we'll visit as well. Then on Monday my aunt and uncle are coming in and staying here for a couple of days. So I have yet again, much to do, and not much time. Let's not forget choir rehearsal Thursday evening as well.

My ex awarded me his own version of a bloggy. I was awarded the Most Consistent Daily Blog. Well, I guess that's a good thing. I may not always say something inspiring, but you do get at least a small glimpse of my fairly dull life. Sure, my blog was much more interesting when I was writing about my heart getting torn out of my chest and ripped to shreds.... just kidding... it was never that graphic. But I guess if I have less drama and less heartache, it's a good thing. I still wouldn't mind a simple date, however.

Even though I don't have to get up early tomorrow, it's past my bed time and I'm tired. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! (or today if you're reading on Wednesday)

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