Friday, September 29, 2006

TGIF and nothing to do

Today seemed kind of off since Josh's football game was last night. The morning came much too early after taking a benadryl last night. But I roused myself enough to go to work. The life of a teacher is endless. I don't know what I'd do if I ever actually caught up on all my work. And I have classes where I don't really have to teach all day. My upper level speech classes spend a great deal of time working on things with me lecturing only once or twice a week, if that. I have to do more in my comm. app. class, but I already have lessons prepared for those classes.
Technically I was originally supposed to work the senior supper, but I got out of it because of the fact that I was supposed to chaperone the band tonight. But since the game was moved, I didn't have to do that and I sort of forgot to mention that to my principal. Besides it was too late to sign up anyway since I am carpooling and my partner is sponsoring a different class. At least I keep telling myself that it's o.k. Sure, I feel a little guilty, but not a whole lot. I needed a break. I mean, come on... I spent all of last Saturday at a speech tournament... surely I deserve it.
This evening I went to dinner with Josh and my friend Norma. It was nice to get out for a moment. For the rest of the evening I'm probably going to curl up with my book and go to bed early. And then I'm going sleep in in the morning. It will be great. Then I absolutely have to get some house cleaning and laundry done. It's getting dire here. (You know it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't mention the fact that I need to clean my house and do laundry. At least I have no aspirations to tackle the garage right now.)
So that's my exciting weekend. What's on your agenda?


Summer said...

I'm glad you have some down time this weekend. Sometimes when I read your blog I'm exhausted! Enjoy your weekend.

Summer said...

Can I ask you to pray for my brother in law Danny tomorrow? He's very sick. I'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

My weekend on call so that means busy, busy and could get even busier with the beep of the pager. Today I had a funeral for a husband and wife who had been married for 70 years and were involved in a house fire.