Sunday, September 10, 2006

More IM Conversation fun

Let me preface this is saying that I don't tell all men that I Instant Message with that I'm not interested in a relationship up front. Generally I only do this when it's obvious that the person is a. lying b. someone I'm not interested in for some reason or c. I'm just cranky after other pointless conversations. So don't say "Well, you tell them this right up front so how can you expect to meet anyone?" If they are actually from around here or strike up a somewhat intelligent conversation, I see where the conversation goes. I'm certainly still skeptical about meeting someone from online, but since I don't get out much, I might give it a chance if someone seems remotely interesting, truthful and interested.

annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:44:58 PM): depends on what you want to chat about
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:45:25 PM): on friend ship
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:45:31 PM): ok
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:47:08 PM): What do you do?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:47:35 PM): am a millitary man
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:47:49 PM): i teach macial art
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:47:59 PM): what kind?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:48:29 PM): war attack s
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:49:01 PM): and you waht to you do
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:49:11 PM): I am a teacher
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:49:57 PM): ohhhhhh that nice
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:50:01 PM): are you maried
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:50:09 PM): no, I'm not
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:50:09 PM): ?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:50:18 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:50:26 PM): do you have kids
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:50:34 PM): yes, a son
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:51:21 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:51:36 PM): can you put your pic here
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:51:40 PM): on the window
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:51:44 PM): pls
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:51:55 PM): where is your picture?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:52:19 PM): My picture should be there... i have it labeled as being shared.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:53:27 PM): add me
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:53:43 PM): can you see my pics
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:53:46 PM): too
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:54:06 PM): no, and I don't add people as friends until I'm interested in them after a lengthy conversation.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:54:35 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:55:21 PM): tell me more about you
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:55:31 PM): what do you want to know?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:56:07 PM): your home
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:56:16 PM): have you been maried before
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:56:21 PM): your age
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:56:40 PM): I live in Texas (as is indicated in my profile)
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:57:08 PM): I have been married before, but am divorced and have had the marriage annulled by the Catholic Church
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:57:17 PM): I am 36 (also in my profile)
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:57:25 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:58:18 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:58:23 PM): do you have a cam
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:58:35 PM): no, I don't believe in cams... I think they're pointless.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:58:57 PM): how do you mean
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 9:59:05 PM): ?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 9:59:46 PM): They are distracting. I think that people that use cams generally are only interested in sexual things and that's not something I'm interested in taking part in online.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:00:08 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:00:15 PM): itb true
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:00:18 PM): If you want to see what I look like (if it's that important to you) then there's a link on my profile.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:00:39 PM): that sound great
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:00:53 PM): you talk responsible too
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:01:22 PM): well, yes, I'm a teacher
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:01:38 PM): but for the record... I'm not interested in any kind of online relationship if that is your intention.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:01:58 PM): no i sick a wife
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:02:09 PM): sick?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:02:19 PM): and where are you from?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:02:19 PM): i lost my wife in the mortor accident
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:02:28 PM): California?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:02:31 PM): Where were you raised?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:02:33 PM): west cal
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:03:08 PM): in west cal too and move to india
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:03:21 PM): so you're not american?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:03:52 PM): i am
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:04:00 PM): you don't sound like it?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:04:48 PM): if you say so
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:05:05 PM): well, yes... because it is my opinion
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:05:36 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:05:51 PM): tell me how old is your kid
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:06:09 PM): he is 15
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:06:16 PM): ooh
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:06:23 PM): that is nice
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:06:28 PM): lives with you
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:06:32 PM): now
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:06:38 PM): yes he does
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:07:07 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:07:16 PM): were do you teach
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:07:30 PM): at a high school
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:07:39 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:15:52 PM): do you leave along
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:15:58 PM): in the house
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:16:02 PM): ?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:16:03 PM): leave along?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:16:15 PM): well, no I don't live alone because my son lives with me.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:16:17 PM): yes
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:16:37 PM): a family house
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:16:39 PM): see... your grammar is giving you away as not being american or at least not a graduate of high school
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:17:07 PM): how come i am a milltary man
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:17:17 PM): what do you mean
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:17:30 PM): i dont like it ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:17:39 PM): when you say such
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:18:18 PM): sorry... it's my opinion again.. but most people with a high school education that are born here have better grammar skills.
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:18:30 PM): I'm not saying it to be mean... it's simply the truth in my book.
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:18:54 PM): and I don't appreciate people that aren't honest with me and pretend to be someone other than who they are.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:19:23 PM): thanks for the abuse
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:19:25 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:19:33 PM): can we talk now
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:19:37 PM): perhaps
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:20:57 PM): are you looking for man too
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:22:05 PM): I already told you in the coversation that I'm not.
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:22:19 PM): Annabel Lee: but for the record... I'm not interested in any kind of online relationship if that is your intention.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:23:33 PM): i am interested in a woman
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:23:40 PM): obviously
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:23:41 PM): that i can get maried too
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:23:48 PM): have you been married before?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:23:56 PM): yes
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:24:35 PM): well, I hope you find someone.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:24:50 PM): i hope so too
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:27:49 PM): you look cuty
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:27:59 PM): in the profile pics
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:28:11 PM): thanks, but I'm not interested.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:28:35 PM): how do you mean ?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:29:09 PM): I'm not interested in a relationship. I'm not seeking a husband online.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:29:23 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:29:33 PM): what about good friends
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:29:41 PM): maybe
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:29:51 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:29:58 PM): we can be good friend
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:30:12 PM): you talk so responsible
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:31:03 PM): yes, but I prefer people that speak on the same level.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:31:29 PM): ok
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:31:37 PM): if am so little
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:31:52 PM): maybe you can make me impove
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:32:12 PM): I can't "make" you do anything. If you improve, then you'll have to do it yourself.
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:32:21 PM): You want to tell me really about yourself now?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:32:47 PM): what do you want to no
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:33:00 PM): where were you born?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:33:11 PM): cal
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:33:17 PM): what city?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:33:26 PM): san babara
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:33:42 PM): how long did you live there?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:34:05 PM): about 9-10 year
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:34:15 PM): how old are you?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:34:30 PM): 42
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:34:39 PM): what year did you graduate high school?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:35:03 PM): i dont get yo well
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:35:19 PM): In what year did you graduate from high school?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:35:25 PM): It's not a difficult question.
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:35:34 PM): ok
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:35:35 PM): 1988? 1985? 1990?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:35:58 PM): 1979
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:36:22 PM): in the san west high school
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:37:55 PM): So you graduated when you were 16? That's interesting. Most people graduate at 18.
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:38:07 PM): can you spell the name of your birthplace correctly?
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:39:05 PM): santa babara
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:40:55 PM): well, it's past my bed time, so good night
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:41:58 PM): can i add you
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:42:02 PM): ?
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:42:06 PM): not yet
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:42:25 PM): but how can i im you
annabel_lee_tx (9/6/2006 10:42:32 PM): you can't
sklein_calvin (9/6/2006 10:42:42 PM): ok

Notice that he still couldn't spell Santa Barbara correctly. I would think that one would at least be able to spell their birthplace correctly, unless they're from Poughkeepsie. (And yes, I had to look that one up to spell it correctly. Here's another one for your enjoyment.

annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:16:38 PM): buzzing is rude
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:17:03 PM): yeah is rude ma
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:17:16 PM): how are you doing
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:17:29 PM): if you agree that it's rude, then why do it?
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:18:06 PM): just trying to get your attention
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:18:37 PM): if I'm online, I can hear when someone sends me a message... you don't have to resort to buzzing.
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:19:02 PM): aight sorry about that
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:19:04 PM): ok
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:19:37 PM): how old are you?
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:19:40 PM): what's your lovely name
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:19:48 PM): 43
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:19:54 PM): and you
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:20:07 PM): I'm 36 and my name is annabel as is indicated in my profile.
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:20:48 PM): kool
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:20:52 PM): are you there
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:21:24 PM): For the moment
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:21:46 PM): yes
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:22:53 PM): do you have kids
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:23:07 PM): I have a son
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:23:30 PM): good
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:23:51 PM): but annabel you you are so cute
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:24:02 PM): iwas just seeing you now
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:24:18 PM): where are you from?
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:24:56 PM): NY/BRONX
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:25:01 PM): AND YOU
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:25:25 PM): Texas... as is still indicated in my profile.
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:25:37 PM): KOOL
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:25:46 PM): WHAT DO YOU DO
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:25:57 PM): I am a teacher
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:25:59 PM): and you?
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:26:05 PM): and stop shouting
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:27:15 PM): WHO IS THAT GIRL THAT IS MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:27:25 PM): I DON'T SHOUT ANNBA
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:27:58 PM): Typing in all CAPITAL letters is shouting in IM's
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:28:18 PM): IS JUST THAT I CAN'T GET MY EYES OFF YOU
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:28:51 PM): YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:29:09 PM): I'm bored with this conversation
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:29:20 PM): why babe
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:29:41 PM): Don't call me babe
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:29:50 PM): I'm not interested in a relationship
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:29:53 PM): well.........let me make it lively with you
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:30:00 PM): why babe
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:30:21 PM): What part of "Don't call me babe" did you not understand?
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:30:44 PM): sorry annbel
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:30:55 PM): are you mad at me
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:31:22 PM): You haven't impressed me
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:31:35 PM): uhhmmmmmmmmm
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:32:16 PM): If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes
annabel_lee_tx (9/1/2006 10:32:32 PM): This is getting old
bunindwer_2009_smith (9/1/2006 10:33:42 PM): 'll sweep you off your feet, and make God regret he left an angel behind."


Summer said...

Holy Cow. Do you get these IMs on Yahoo? Is it from a profile on Yahoo? I had two very good friends meet someone through EHarmony and both of them are married now and extremely happy. Have you given any thought to that?

Annabel said...

Yes, they're from yahoo. I've joined Eharmony, Yahoo personals, and Eharmony is quite expensive and I got very few "connections" with people in this area and the few that I was connected with didn't go anywhere. (I did meet the guy from Michagan because of eharmony, but the distance was a probablem and Marty came into the picture.)
Yahoo personals is full of the same types that come from the IM messages and the few decent guys on there won't give me the time of day. Catholic match is very limiting with people in this area. I only had about 3 conversations initiated through the Catholic service and none were from this area. I have my profile on right now but haven't paid for it (can't afford it and am just seeing if anything interesting pops up). I'm still skeptical, but thought I'd give it a last shot.

Susanlee said...

(laughs and laughs) those are hilarious. They are Nigerian scammers. They are desperate for you to become their "online American girlfriend" so that you can accept their shipments from companies, which they have paid for using stolen or fake credit cards. They want to ship the packages to you so that you can then forward them to Lagos, because noone will ship to Nigeria anymore. At work we have them all the time calling the businesses through Sprint IP Relay, and then they call their "girlfriends" at like 4 o clock in the morning to see if they've got the packages and stuff. They aren't real people...they're characters. Ask for a name sometime and they'll say something like "bob tom."

Summer said...

GAWD Susan, who would have thought? BobTom. That's so discouraging and disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Hey now... I was born in Poughkeepsie! Only took until I was 9 to spell it.

momacakes said...

I giggled at the second one. I see a tall, dark, hairy man. With a love of gold chains and polyester track suits...EEEEEYYYYOOOOuuuu! Plus he wear plastic sandals with DO NOT want to know what his feet look like.
When I joined eharmony all the guys were nice Scottish lads. While I LOVE a good looking man in a kilt, it made it a tad inconvenent(sp?)...*giggle* "Bob Tom"