Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hump Day Again

Time just seems to move by so fast. Today seemed like both a very long and a short day if that makes any sense. I'm slowly getting caught up and then it seems I'm still behind. I got papers graded today until my classes turned more in. I took in some of the fundraiser money and they are woefully short in meeting their goal. They have raised just short of $1200 but the goal is $3200. They may not earn the lock-in.
After school I came home and then went and picked up some burgers for Josh. I went to Mass tonight for All Saints Day. It was a very nice service. I took my friend Carol home since her car wasn't working and then picked up some supper. Not much excitement in my life today.
Oh, I did go out to lunch with another teacher today. The teacher next door invited me to go to Taco Bell with her. She went to high school with my ex-husband.
Well, gotta get some things done before bed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I just wanted to tell you, "good morning!" Care about ya lots!


WC_Motly said...

A link to your blog is on emptydog's page. I read your entry and was struck by your going to All Saints Day mass. You and I must be the only people in the US who are aware of All Saints Day.
It is a serious holiday in the old country,even for non-Catholics.
I was also struck by these fundraising goals your students have been burdened with. What a society that puts such goals on their children!
Fundraising for special events should be the task of the superintendent's staff, not the students'.
With good wishes for a great day,