Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nothing new

My vacation is quickly coming to a close. I slept in again today. Then this afternoon I went to Amarillo with a friend and went to the bookstore. I got two new books. I am going to hold off on reading them until my trip to Florida next weekend. I'll need something to pass the time. I also will take my laptop and try to finish off the last five RCT3 games. I've been very good the past two days and haven't played it any more. I watched CSI and now I'm watching Shark. I have to go to Josh's school tomorrow to have a form notarized for him to be able to try out for All-state band on Saturday.
We have a tournament scheduled for Saturday but we're supposed to be getting a cold front and possibly snow. (I'll take pictures if we get any Andrew) My gas bill was huge this month so I'm trying to keep the thermostat turned down. Well, I don't have anything else to report... it's been another slow day. Tomorrow will be declared laundry day.


Andrew said...

My gas bill was huge last month and it scared me. That's why I had Charlie come over and put that plastic up on my windows. Are you excited about the trip to sunny Florida? I bet that will be like a vacation. Well, you and probably sleeping well about now. I get up every morning at 3 AM to write and then go back to sleep around five. Well, let me go get some coffee started. Enjoy another day off and I would love pictures of snow!

Proxima said...

It so hard to find other female gamers. I was excited when I saw you like Roller Coaster Tycoon. I play "platformers" and RPG's mostly. I like the quest element and the progression of setting out to save or destroy something.

It always startles me when I start a game in the middle of the day and then suddenly look up to find the apartment pitch black.