Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pipe's Meme

This is stolen from Pipe Tobacco.

147, 1, 4, 7.

As a little experiment, I thought I would encourage as many of you as are willing to conduct a little experiment for me. I think it will be fun and will give us each insight into our collective personalities. If you decide to follow through with this game, please leave a link in my comments so others may see as well.

This game is about letting others glimpse something about you, based upon what you read. I have done something like this before, but thought it was time to do so again with a twist:

1. Pick up the nearest book to you from where you are now sitting at your computer.

2. Open the book to page 147 (If the book does not have 147 pages, then put that book down and go to the next closest book until you find one with 147 pages).

3. On that page, go to the first new paragraph on that page.

4. In that paragraph, look for the 4th sentence and write it down (If there are not four sentences to the paragraph, take the fourth sentence after the start of that first paragraph).

5. In that "fourth" sentence, count to the seventh word, and write that down (Like before, if the sentence is shorter than seven words, go to the seventh word following the start of the fourth sentence).

Now, for what you post on your site:

1. Name, author, and date of the book.

2. The required fourth sentence.

3. The required seventh word.

4. A paragraph about what this seventh word means to you (it does NOT have to be in context with the rest of the sentence or paragraph).

5. A paragraph stating why this book is near you, and why it is a part of your life.

My Answers:

1. Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich June 2006

2. Nothing that has a big orange arrow on it saying 'Look Here.'

3. The word is "arrow".

4. The word arrow means direction to me. It can mean pointing you to the right way whether it is in directions or in life. Sometimes it's an actual image of an arrow that points you the right way... sometimes it's a person that guides you along your journey.

5. This is one of the books that was on my bookshelf that is to my immediate left. It was the one that was sticking out the most and that is why I chose it. It is part of a series written by the author that has the same character named Stephanie Plum. They are laugh out loud books that always gives me joy when I read them and I look forward to the new books that come out each spring/summer.

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Proxima said...

Hi There!

I haven't read the books you mentioned, but I'm glad you participated in Pipe's game.

It wasn't "stolen", though because you referenced the source and defined your response, therefore, I refuse to acknowledge you as a thief. :)
-P playfully