Thursday, February 17, 2011

Capstone Hell

So I was pleased with the topic selections when I first read them and by Tuesday I had researched all of them to some degree.  Yesterday I got to the library around 10:30 and started reading and writing the first paper.  I started with what I thought would be the most difficult to write and I hope I’m right on that.  I had such a writer’s block.  I came home around 3:00 and had to lie down for a bit due to the lovely monthly cramps that plague me.  I went to the college library yesterday evening since the local library closed at 6:00 and spent a few hours there.  Then I decided I needed to find and print more sources so I came home and worked until 11:30.  I was getting tired, and still unhappy with my work but decided to go to bed.  I got up shortly after 7:00 this morning and basically started over with my paper.  I kept some of the same general ideas but focused it a little differently.  I still had a very difficult time writing though.  I worked from home until 11:30, then went to Sonic for lunch, then went to Walmart for a stapler, more paper, and new headphones from my mp3 player.  I went back to the public library and worked until 6:00.  At 4:00 I got to the first paper mostly complete except for the last section but I felt so brain dead on the topic that I decided to put it aside and start going through the research on the next paper.  I headed home to print more research that more specifically dealt with my topic and then headed back to sonic for my traditional strawberry creamslush that I drank while reading the information.  I then went back to the college library and stayed and hour and half going through all the research.  I sketched an outline and will start writing that paper tomorrow.  I really hope it goes faster than the last one.  Now I’m home and I’ve taken 1/2 an ambien and will probably fall asleep shortly.  I should probably start writing, but I’ve been going at it ALL day and I think I need to just rest the brain for a while and call it a night.  I took the ambien so that I’ll be able to actually fall asleep rather than thinking about all the stuff I need to put into the next paper. 

No real relationship news to report.  Matthew I have texted a bit but he’s giving me some space knowing that I’m busy working.  But I send him something when I need a break and he’s been responding so that is a good thing.  I’m just really ready for this whole process to be finished.  I hope to finish paper two tomorrow and get the material read for the final paper.  Saturday I want to get the final paper written in addition to the final segment of the first paper and then work on the formatting, source citations, and making sure that everything is in the proper format.  The writing is more daunting than I anticipated. 


Leann said...

My goodness! It sounds like a whole lotta reading and writing. I send you energy for the endeavor ahead of you :-)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!
What are you writing about?