Thursday, February 03, 2011


Plumbing is fixed (though I should knock on wood perhaps) and not hold my breath too much.  The hot water pvc line in the attic was broken in several places, but my brother only had to replace about 12 feet of it.  After being able to run hot water in the sink off and on for about an hour, the cold water finally started running as well.  As long as no other pipes burst, I think I got off quite lucky.  Lots of people had frozen pipes around here and many had to call plumbers.  I only spent $52 on parts and my brother did the labor.  Turning on the heat in the garage did the trick.  By this afternoon it was stifling in the attic.  That made it more bearable to do the work and he didn’t have to deal with frozen lines.  So I’m going to take a shower tonight and hope the temperatures continue to rise the next few days. 

I finally got Josh’s 1098 form from school and was able to finish my taxes last night.  Thanks to his school stuff, my refund jumped from $1600 to $3400.  Now I’ll be able to help him pay for his school this semester.  Not sure where the rest will go to – we like to take vacations if we can, but may need to use it on flooring or perhaps a new washer and dryer. 

For the past two days at school I’ve gotten there in the morning and my heat has been off in my room.  They don’t get it going again until mid-morning which is stupid.  I’ve been having my 2nd period class meet in the library which has been a waste of time. 

Well, I think I need to check the line in the attic and make sure it is ok and then I’m going to take a shower, read, and call it a night.  Tomorrow will be a long day since I have to go the speech tournament tournament tomorrow.  But at least I’m off Saturday.  I’m still going to Albuquerque – just don’t know if it will be alone.  I want Matthew to go, but I have a feeling he’s going to come up with an excuse.  I understand that he hasn’t had a lot of time at home lately, but it would be nice to spend some time together.  I did see him this morning – I took a shower at his apartment and felt clean for the first time in days.


LM said...

Have you tried running each faucet at a trickle to keep the pipes from freezing? When we lived in a colder part of the country we used that "trick." Good luck!

Leann said...

I hope the water issue has finally been permanently resolved. One of the many reasons I continue to rent, rather than own.

Have an awesome time in Albuquerque regardless of whether you have company or not.

Blessings my dear and keep that strong chin up.