Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rest Needed

I feel like I have yet to catch up on sleep.  I am really going to try to go to sleep early tonight.  I’ve spent the evening watching the episodes of American Idol that I missed.  I was going to do some much needed house cleaning, but it will just have to wait. 

I have a date with Matthew tomorrow night.  We are going to dinner and a theater performance.  We haven’t had a real date in a long time.  I’m still uncertain about the future, but am hoping that he will want to go forward and be open to the possibility now that he’ll be around for another year.  He’s in the process of looking at apartments in Amarillo which means he’ll be a little closer to me.  But I’m still not certain of anything.  There’s a lot that I want to talk to him about that I haven’t been able to.  So I guess we’ll just see how it goes.

There’s nothing much to report here.  I’m tired.  I still have a million things to accomplish.  I’m still second-guessing myself about my essays.  I’ll know whether I passed or failed on March 25. 

I’m trying to decide what to do with my tax return money when I get it.  I have to give $1000 to Josh, but I think I would like to buy a new couch.  But I’d also like to be able to take a vacation this summer as well.  I’ll be going to Dallas for a week for Nationals.  We have a national qualifier again this year so that will be good.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to six flags at some point.  I need to ride some coasters. 

Well, I took 1/2 an ambien so I’m waiting for it to kick in.  I’m also watching the movie Amadeus which is on TMC right now.  If you’ve never watched it, you really should.  Very good movie.  Not completely historically accurate, but still a good movie. 

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Anonymous said...

You have done anything possible for this essays and it's out of your hands now. You know. Do not allow this to nag you, you delivered. In four weeks you will get the result. Amen. Other things are important now.
I am sure that you did very good on these writings. Just trust yerself.