Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not sure what to do with myself

It’s Saturday and I don’t have a speech tournament to go to, essays to write, or anything else relatively pressing.  Sure, I always have school stuff to do – yearbook pages to work on, papers to grade, lessons to plan – but I figure that I can always put that stuff off like I usually do.  I do have an invitation to a party for a fellow speech teacher’s ninety year old mother’s birthday.  Still debating whether I’m going to go to that.  I got my IRS refund so I could go shopping I guess, but there’s nothing I really want to buy – well nothing that is relatively cheap. 

I asked the librarian if I could process the next set of books that will come in and she said I could.  I’m going to start really “working” in the library as much as I can.  I worked on an updated library website in iWeb and showed her how I was able to incorporate her drop down menus that she likes.  She also offered to let me edit the library catalog page and put more links and such on it. 

Last night I watched all the episodes of American Idol that I haven’t seen.  It is wonderful having a DVR.  Now I can start watching during the week when it is on. 

So what should I do today?  Things I “should” do: clean my bedroom, laundry, work on resume and applications, grade papers, work on yearbook pages.  What I probably “will” do:  read, play on the computer, go shopping.  Guess I should get this figured out and a least DO something.


Leann said...

Enjoy whatever it is that you decide to "DO". :-)

Anonymous said...

Is some of that red left? Sofa, read think - sounds like good idea to me.