Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Work

Well, I did make it to school, but I didn’t get any work done.  Well, not the work I planned to do.  Instead I looked at all the potential job openings across the state.  I found 3 more jobs for Matthew to apply for and a handful of library jobs.  I think there are a bunch of hiring freezes going on because the state is in such bad shape in regards to money for education.  Giant cuts are coming so jobs are going to be hard to find.  I stayed four hours at school doing this.  Then I came home and quickly changed and went and played at church.  I finally got to try out the new ligature I ordered.  I think I like it.  I’ll have to do some more playing, but I think it might be an improvement to my playing. 

So I broke the imposed silence to tell Matthew to check his email.  He thanked me, but that’s it.  Tomorrow I’m going back to the school to work.  I hope I’ll get what I need done.  Tonight I’ve been chatting with Marty.  Strangely, he’s been flirting with me.  He said something about feeling bad about the way he was with me.  I asked him he had been drinking and he said he only had two drinks and wasn’t even buzzed.  Don’t worry, I’m not going down that road again.  We’re still just friends and probably always will be.  Story of my life… always just friends.  Probably how Matthew and I will end up.  I’m destined for the commitment-phobic, cave-dwelling men. 

Well, I think I’ll head to bed.  I’m tired of today as well. 

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