Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forging ahead

I feel like I’ve been imprisoned and the only way to escape is to finish these essays.  I have been reading, researching, and writing this entire week.  Since Wednesday, I have spent full days at the library and then continuing to write every evening either at home or the university library.  It is times like this that I really wish I liked coffee.  I have been downing a lot of cokes though.  Last night I finished the third essay though I’m still not completely happy with ANY of them.  Today I’m dealing with my citations and proofing.  That will take all day I’m sure.

Sometimes when I write, the words and creativity just flow with no problem.  I don’t know if it is because this is such a high pressure assignment – you either pass or you fail – that it is more difficult.  I just want to be finished with it and hope for the best.  I would hate to go through all this effort and then be told that I’ve failed.  Then I would only get one more chance to do it or I won’t be able to get my master’s degree.  I really want to be able to graduate in May. 

Well, back to the grind – wish me luck.  Prayers that I finish, survive (and pass) would be appreciated.  I have to admit that as a Catholic, I’ve sent up a few requests to St. Jude – the Patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes. 


Anonymous said...

St.Thomas Aquinas, doctor angelicus et universalis, patron of students in general and catholic science en detail, will smile upon you.

Patti said...

Pass or fail - wow that's brutal pressure. When do you find out?

I'm sure you will pass, with flying colours. Asking God to help you keep your focus and do what you are very capable of doing (plus a little bit more, of course!) :)