Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writing is Hard

Why did I delude myself into thinking that I could write an essay a day?  I don’t know why writing these papers is so difficult.  I have an idea of what I want to say, but it is difficult to get it down in the right words.  I second guess everything.  I wonder if I’m citing too much or if I’m not citing enough.  Am I including enough original thought.  Have I really answered the question and all parts of the question?  We have been told that 1st person writing is strongly discouraged, which I understand, and yet one of the questions I chose specifically asks how “I” would deal with an issue.  I still wrote it in 3rd person and now wonder if I should have written it in first.  Two papers are essentially finished though I’m not elated about either of them.  (But that is typical – I’m never really happy with my work.)  I haven’t dealt with the works cited stuff but hope that I will find time to do a lot of editing on Sunday.  I still have another paper to write and hope that I can get it done tomorrow.  Problem is that this paper is mostly “new” information that I haven’t read yet.  I have material printed and will start reading – at least until I can’t keep my eyes open tonight. 


Leann said...

I hope you were able to have a productive night and get some of the writing at least started. I can't begin to imagine writing so many papers, doing so much research. Kudos to you for taking on the challenge.

I hope your Saturday is fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck ! Almost there!

Anonymous said...