Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bad News-Good News-Bad News-Good News

That bad news is that my dad thinks I need to plan to get a new car. Mine is still running but he says it sounds like the transmission wants to go and I should get rid of it before it does. I was hoping to drive it a little longer but I guess with almost 200,000 miles it's about time.
The good news is I'm going to get a new car!
That bad news is I really don't want another car payment and I'm not certain about getting financing because of my ex-husband's motorcycle that is still jointly in our name.
The good news is that I've almost paid all my small credits off. The only credit I'll have hopefully when I apply will be my two visas and the bike.
The bad news is that I still haven't gotten child support and it will be difficult to pay those things off and get a new car without it.
The good news is that dad talked about refinancing the house and getting extra money to help pay for the car or possibly my credit cards. That would mean the house would get fixed up (including the sewer line).
The bad news is that I'd have to do some work on the house and I'm not at all certain it would get done.
The good news is that my dad may want to drive to Florida this summer to take a cruise and I could go with him in the RV which would save on gas & hotels.
The bad news is that my income tax refund had to be refigured slightly and I'm getting about $200 less back than I thought I was.
The good news is that my car is worth more than I originally though even as a trade-in. If I sell it outright, that might mean money in my pocket.
The bad news is that I'll have to get it detailed and put a new windshield in it beforehand.
The good news is that if I get a new car it will drive better than my current one (hopefully).
The bad news is that I haven't lost any weight.
The good news is that I haven't gained any weight either. We'll see what the official weigh-in brings tomorrow.
Bad news is I have a ton of stuff to get done now and must leave the blog.
Good news is that I have the afternoon off!

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