Monday, January 17, 2005

It's not a resolution

O.k. this is not going to be a resolution. I don't make those any more since I tend to break them. But I do need to do something about my weight. I think I have a plan and I'm going to post it here for all to see and let you guys keep me in check. Because I know myself, I know what I'm capable of doing and not doing. I'm incapable of really changing what I eat. I can't do the Atkins or go vegetarian. I can control the amounts and how often which I do plan to do, but I also have some ideas. I'm going to call this the no fast food diet. I think that's where I'm really gaining these days since I'm eating out 4-5 days a week it seems. Here's the rules I'm imposing on myself:
No more fast food for the next two months. This means pretty much places with a drive-through. I can still go to sit down restaurants as long as I dine there. No take-out. The only exception to this rule will be Subway. There are times I have to eat on the road and I may not have time for a sit down restaurant.
I'm also going to take another workout class, but this time it will be regular aerobics. Twice a week. If I skip a class I have to make it up with an hour of other exercise.
I'm going to TRY to eat breakfast, but I can't promise it on a daily basis. I am at least going to make a concerted effort.
No alcohol for two months.
One soft drink a day. After that, tea or water only.
NO eating after 7:30 p.m.

We'll see how this goes. I expect that if I follow this plan I will lose at least 10 lbs by spring break. My ultimate goal for now is to lose a total of 35 lbs and be a size 12 by the end of summer.

Keep checking up on me. I'm going to account for my progress here in my blog.


Diana said...

This sounds like a very sensible plan, Annabel. I might adopt it, too.

~m2~ said...

hi annabel (beautiful name!)

if you haven't seen the movie "supersize me," i would suggest renting it. it is a little on the *gross* side, but he gets his point across and i have only had mcdonald's once since i saw the movie in the beginning of october.

i started weight watchers two weeks before Christmas because i knew i needed control. i am doing their core program. up until about three weeks ago, i hadn't been doing it their way, i'd been doing it mine. i am now on track and am starting to lose, it is just taking a bit for my body to catch up with what i am for fast food, i do get wendy's plain baked potato and small chili. even though i am allowed the whole potato, i only eat half and about half the chili and it's all "legal". they also now have fresh fruit cups so when they have fruit available, i'll get that too and i am still under $5.

we also just bought a treadmill, but i recently posted (and got yelled at because of the way i presented it as being evil in my room...) and i am trying to incorporate that into my day, however, that is admittedly difficult. but at least i am trying.

thank you for inviting me over to see your blog - i am in the midst of an insomniac moment, but i will be back later to read more.