Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday update

Well, I cleaned the kitchen. I went to the grocery store. I remembered I had a $15 Walmart gift card so I used it and then spent $35. ($10 over, but hopefully I'll get David's rent check on Mon or Tues.) Started some laundry. Cleaned my bedroom some. (You can actually walk in there without walking all over clothes) Made chili and rice for supper. (No beans!) Spent some time on Marty's project. I'm wondering if he'll grace me with a phone call tonight. I know I could call him, but it's the principal of the thing, you know? Haven't done any yearbook work yet, but am at least thinking about it. I need to type some Prison Pete letters too. Got an IM from a 23 year old that thought I was single. I guess the "Long-term relationship" listed under marital status is a bit confusing. Now I'm thinking of having another thin-mint cookie before 7:30. I'm still sticking to the plan fairly well. I did have popcorn last night after 7:30. And I haven't made up missing my aerobics class. (There's sleety/snowy stuff coming down now) Despite that, it's working. The weight is coming off.
Well, off to have that cookie and maybe more work. Or maybe t.v.

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