Tuesday, January 11, 2005

General Updates

Heater is working well right now. So I'm no longer freezing. Though it would be nice to still have a snuggle partner.
Work is quite busy. I'm travelling all day long with 3-5 schools visited daily. Still have some other work to do, but hope to catch up on it while I'm in San Antonio.
Speaking of which, I'll be going to San Antonio on Thursday. Flying out dark and early at 6:30 a.m. It should be a nice trip. The company always has a nice shindig. I'll have to do some walking between the hotel and convention center... but I guess it will be about the same as it was in Vegas from the hotel room to the convention area. I'm getting a ring and my hotel is right next to a shopping center. Shopping and jewelry... what more could I ask for?
Marty and I are still o.k. Still miss him a lot. He's getting things ready for his next tour of duty in Alaska. He now knows that he'll be going to California for training at the end of April through the end of May and then head up to Alaska from there. I want to go see him, but have to worry about finances right now and he doesn't really know what's going to be happening to him in CT for the next few months since his job there is in limbo. I know I have to get used to being away from him, but I want to hold out to the last possible second.
So I went shopping yesterday. What better way to de-stress and get out of the funk? Dillards was having a 75% off sale. I really did need a new pair of khaki pants. And I found a pair for $9. As well as two other pair of black pants, and 3 tops. But I'll be cute!!
I still haven't received child support, however. This is the first time it's been this late in about 7-8 months. I hope it comes soon. I really don't want to call. Given that Josh's dad isn't allowed to have contact with us. (Perhaps the story another time) Let's put it this way... I seem to have discovered that I have lousy taste in men. I am hoping that Marty is the exception. Because generally, I don't see how terrible they are until it's too late. I guess I tend to fall for the "bad boys" but I really don't want too. But sometimes the "nice guys" are too boring. I'm thinking Marty is kind of in the middle... but more on the "nice" side. (One of those things that's both good and bad) Why are relationships so confusing and complicated?

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