Friday, January 14, 2005

Non-Party Girl

I'm a fuddy duddy. I really don't know how to have fun. Unless there's a rollercoaster to ride, I'm at a loss. I'm here in San Antonio; an evening with nothing to do and I'm sitting in my hotel room watching t.v. and surfing the net. I already took a bath. I have some books to read.
I went to the mall earlier.
I have nobody to do anything with. I really have no "friends" within the company. I know a few people from my training 5 years ago, but nobody that I really hang out with. My boss went to a game tonight. I don't feel comfortable going out alone. I couldn't even bring myself to eat at a nice restaurant by myself. I got a sandwich to go instead.
I guess I'm kind of a loner. I don't have the ability to just go and meet new people. That's why I hate the sales part of my job. If a school asks to see me because they're interested in what I may have to offer, that's one thing... making a cold call is another.
Being shy really sucks sometimes.

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Andrew said...

I thought you might like this since you are a coaster enthusiast.....

Six Flags Makes History as it Completes the Tallest, Fastest Roller Coaster