Friday, January 07, 2005

Sleep? What's that?

Can't sleep. I didn't really sleep last night. And I need to get some tonight as I have to be up bright and early to go to a school tomorrow. (yes, on a Saturday)
I miss Marty. I sleep just fine when he's here.
Last night I was up worrying about him as his travels home was problematic for him. He was supposed to fly into Washington Dulles, but couldn't land due to fog and was re-routed to Richmond. Then he headed there again only to be re-routed to Norfolk. By that time there was no hope of him getting home that night. So he hopped on a bus from Norfolk to Washington DC and took a flight home this morning. Somehow with all of this, his phone ended up in his backpack and his keys weren't locked. So from about 1:15 a.m. until about 2 a.m. his phone randomly called me every few seconds to every few minutes. Not his fault, but I began to worry, of course and until I reached him, I couldn't sleep. I don't really remember sleeping last night even though I finally did talk to him around 2 a.m.
I did get a nap in today for about 2 hours. But I've also now had a 42 ounce coke and perhaps that's why I'm unable to sleep. So I decided to take a tylenol p.m. and see if that will do the trick. If Marty were here, it wouldn't be a problem.

So now I guess I'll post about what I did tonight. Did I catch up on all the yearbook stuff I desperately need to? No! Of course not. I had much better things to do. You know, like take a nap, do some reading, some journaling, order take-out, watch CSI... stuff like that.
I have begun some new journals. The old-fashioned kind were you actually use a pen. For my Christmas present to myself, I ordered two books written by a woman whose blog I read and am very impressed by. You can check them (the books) out if you want.
So today I cracked them open. First assignment was to get a new journal to write in. So I took myself to Hastings and used the gift card I got for Christmas and got a new journal. Then I worked on a photo collage to put in it. (One of the assignments) I finally wrote the first entry and am hoping this is something I will follow through on.
The second book isn't so much journaling as it's writing letters to get out a bunch of stuff that one keeps bottled up. So tonight I also wrote two letters. I'm on a roll! I'm thinking of eventually posting these journals online in a new blog and will keep you updated if I do -- for those of you that do actually check me out from time to time. (Despite the fact that so few of you de-lurked the other day.)
Well, I'm off to give sleep another try.

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