Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm accomplishing stuff... really.

Well first of all, I got to sleep in today. It was amazing. I didn't get up until 9. My first appointment was at 10:30. Stayed until 12:30. Then I came home and had leftover chili and rice. Then I actually did some yearbook work! Woo Hoo!
Then I went to visit with the band booster president about the concession stand that I generously offered to run. After that, I went to see one of my former yearbook advisers and chatted for a bit. Then on to the band hall to see the band director regarding the concession stand. Found out that I was going to be getting the items although he said that he was. So made plans to do that on Wednesday afternoon.
Then I came home. Read my blogs. Decided to make chicken parmesan for supper. But first I had to go visit another school. Came home and made chicken parmesan with linguini and it was damn good if I say so myself. (Josh said it was too.)
Yes, I ate late again tonight, but didn't leave the school until 7:00. I may just have to fudge on the eating after 7:30 thing. I'm really trying not to eat too late... like 9:00 or so. I have been drinking a lot of tea with splenda though so I'm still doing pretty well. We'll see how Wedensday's weigh-in goes.
Talked to Marty tonight. Is it just me or do guys just not "get it" sometimes? Let me ask you this... when you're in a relationship with someone, is it o.k. to still flirt with other people when it's "harmless"? Just wanting to know your two cents on the matter. Feel free to tell me what you think. I'll share my opinion on the matter after everyone else comments.
Well, I'm going to go read for a bit, then go to sleep and guess what? I get to sleep in tomorrow too!!


Andrew said...

I’ve been known to “window shop” but not flirt. I think openly flirting is crossing a line in a steady relationship. I think if you are flirting then you are actively looking for another mate. I know if I caught Alaine flirting it would definitely hurt my feelings and make me feel as if I was not adequate in the relationship.

Summer said...

I've been married to two men that have openly gawked at other women and flirted as well while with me. It does make you feel inadequate in the very least. Think about what you are doing when you are flirting. Are you looking for a mate? Testing the water? Or is there a need for someone to validate you? There is nothing wrong with admiring another attractive human being but, flirting is pursuing. It's the beginning of the chase.