Thursday, January 06, 2005

Life's a Bitch and Then You Die

O.k. yes, I'm dealing with a tiny bit of depression at the moment. Marty left to go home today. Well, maybe not home. Back to Connecticut for who knows how long and then off to California who knows when. Then on to Alaska by June 1. For a year. Ugh.
I'm going to try to visit him again as soon as I can, but he has to get his additional orders first.
It was wonderful having him here. I'll delve into those details in another post as this one is reserved for bitching.
Let's see what else can we cover....
Work sucks right now. I still have tons to do and don't want to do any of it. Once again I've gotten in too deep offering to do too much for my advisers and still wrangling my schedule. I've offered to help a school on Saturday to try and meet their first deadline and I'm not very hopeful. I've got full visits scheduled next week.
On the upside I get to go to San Antonio next week and be put up in a nice hotel for 3 nights, eating drinking and being merry, oh and some business meetings and I get a fancy new ring.
My heater still sucks. The motor seems to be running fine, but not sure about the actual blower now. Since the temperature has dropped, my house has been hanging around 62 degrees.
Once again I'm bringing out the portable heaters just trying to keep from freezing. And now no Marty to snuggle with.
It just keeps getting better.
And this afternoon I have to take my cousin that wrecked his car to the judge so he can figure out what he's supposed to do regarding his citation. He wants to take defensive driving, but he doesn't have the money for the court costs, but he has to appear by tomorrow. So, he might be SOL regardless.
Oh, and I'm still broke because child support hasn't been paid and I'm behind on bills at the moment.
And on top of that, I can't write checks at Walmart because they think I have a hot check there which is really one of my dad's checks (but my name is on the account) and it was stolen several weeks ago.
Let's go for another one or two shall we?
Just got a notice in the mail saying that my ex-husband's bike payment still hasn't been received. (Though he assured me on the 22nd that it had been duly sent)
And to top it all off.... I've gained 8 pounds.
Can we call it a day please?

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