Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Well, 2004 is done. Yes, I'm being redundant as all the blogs are saying that. All in all it wasn't a bad year. I'm going to do a meme on it soon and you can judge for yourself.
Last night we had a party. It was wonderful having Marty here. I made tons of food and actually had several show up. I cooked homemade pizza and fettucini alfredo. Also made a pineapple upside down cake and chocolate chip cookies and a kind of punch. (spiked, yes) My cousin came with a friend, so did my brother, and several of Marty's family.
We had sparkling wine (not champagne as I've since been corrected on that) at midnight. Got a kiss.
So far the time with Marty has been wonderful. I definitely like the Marty in Texas better. He denies being any different, but I've noticed it. He finally consented stating that perhaps it was the stress of working while I was there. Perhaps. But I am disinclined to completely agree with that. I think a lot of it had to do with his ex. Though I'm sure he'd continue to deny it. I still have some major issues with all of that and hope to deal with that soon. But now that he's here, a lot of my concerns have diminished.
I love the way he touches me. He's always letting me know that I'm special just by touching me. He'll hold my hand. Reach out and stroke my hair. Rub my shoulders. Kiss me. Just those little things let me know how he feels. And I've noticed now that it's not all about sex. Yes, sex is still a good thing and I like it, but it's more about just being with him. I think it's a sign of our relationship maturing.
And he danced with me. We went to his cousin's house. Had some drinks. His cousin wanted to dance. So everyone went to the garage to dance. His cousin was very drunk. And Marty spun me a few times and danced with me. It was so nice to dance with him. I say this because I never wanted to dance with Richard. Probably because Richard was a complete dork and looked like an idiot with no rhythm, but maybe deeper than that. Marty isn't quite Fred Astair, but I loved the effort he made and I didn't feel weird with him at all.
I still love his family. They have always made me feel welcome with them and they have been wonderful with me. They are full of hugs. His mother on more than one occasion has told Marty that he should keep me. I have also found out another thing she has told him, but will comment on that later. She also gave me a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate. That was very sweet of her. If things ever go awry with us, I will still hang on to his family if I can. They are wonderful people.
Yes, I still have a few concerns to deal with, but all in all I'm glad to be with Marty and think he's a damn fine catch.

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