Thursday, January 20, 2005

Is it Friday Yet?

Today was a full day of school visits. Solved a few problems. Went to my aerobics class. Worked up a good sweat. Was huffing a bit after the first 15 minutes, but kind of got a second wind after 30 min. I could feel the soreness in my abs today. But I'm getting through it as best as I can. I hope it's working. I've still not had any fast food. I did eat about 10 minutes late tonight, but have only had one coke today.
Marty is still sick as a dog. He finally consented to going to the doctor and he finally has some antibiotic. He figured that when his temp reached 102 he needed to go.
I've got to get some work done tonight for one of my schools tomorrow. Nothing like putting things off until the last minute. Story of my life.
I finally called about child support today but didn't get to talk to H. Left a message to call me back, but haven't heard anything. Don't know if she will. I have the feeling she's mad at me about the situation her husband is in. (Josh's dad) But he brought it on himself and he probably made me look like the bad person. Which is so far from the truth. I have a feeling he might not have been completely honest with her... imagine that. But he tells me that she pays the bills and I'm getting to the point that I can't hold off on my bills any longer. I'm trying to get to a point where I don't have to truly depend on child support but I'm definitely not there yet. I really need my other ex (not Josh's dad) to get his bike refinanced so I can get a loan to pay my debts off. Sometimes I hate being a grown up.

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