Monday, September 17, 2007

Another long day

Mondays hit pretty hard. I guess it is having to get up early again and working a long day when you've been a bum most of Sunday. I still feel perpetually behind at school. I FINALLY got my printer hooked up so I can print to it and wouldn't you know... my toner starts to run out. I decide that I need to put in an order for toner cartridges and it seems to be a big deal about me wanting to save some money and order through Amazon. I can get the cartridges for around $60 through amazon when they cost $83 if I let the secretary order it for me. I think that if it comes out of my budget, I should be allowed to order from wherever I want. I finally got the o.k. on it because they don't keep my particular cartridge in stock in their warehouse.

I got a lot of compliments from my students regarding my hair cut today. They seemed to like it. I'll try to post a picture of it soon. My camera is at school and I keep forgetting to bring it home.

I left immediately after school to go to Amarillo to get the tags renewed on my car. It was a pain due to some construction going on and for about 3 or 4 miles we crawled along at 5 mph. I finally got there and got the tags taken care of. I headed back home and now I'm waiting to go to the restaurant for dinner. We're meeting my dad at 6:00. I'm glad that I don't have to cook tonight. I'd love to take a nap right now, but that would be a bad idea as I'd never get to sleep tonight. Luckily I don't have homework to do tonight. I figured since I had to go to Amarillo and then go to dinner that I wouldn't have time to mess with it. I'll just play catch up tomorrow. (as always)

We have our first speech tournament coming up this weekend. I don't know if my kids are even close to being ready, but at least it's good practice for them. Well, I'm going to get ready to go out. Hope you are having a good night.


Tammi said...

You really must have the most rewarding job in the world...along w/ healthcare/public servants.Kid's ARE our future,so you are where it all basically starts.
Ohh how I envy you. :-)
I really looked for an email to send u an invitation into my blog.Had to close it down for a few crazy reasons'..but it's definately open for my faves....your in my list of course,I just can't get you in without sending you an invite to your email.
E me if u want,hun.
Take Care,

Tammi said...

Ohhhh-K...and if I can post pix of my TOTALLY messed up hair can SURE post your cool hair cut.

Andrew said...

One thing I like about reading about you is that your days seem so normal. I want that in my life -- to work, watch television, blog some, then sleep. I am tired of my life being so topsy turvy. I admire you and am glad to call you a friend. Your writing gives me hope. I hope dinner with dad was good tonight. I can't wait to find out what you ate or how it went. Take care!