Saturday, September 29, 2007

So much for a lunch date

I didn't consider it a date. This guy is not my idea of a date. But I've talked to him online for about 4 years and he did mow my lawn. I thought I'd give him another chance to meet in person and let him take me to lunch. I was hungry at 11:30 and I caught him online and his message was "give me a few." I thought that meant we'd be going shortly thereafter. So I finish getting ready and nothing happens. 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, and 1:30 comes and goes. By this time, I've decided that I'm getting stood up by him... again. (Happened the first time I was going to meet him a few years ago.) Well, shortly after 1:30 he contacts me with yet another excuse. This time it is the fact that his mother and her boyfriend had just arrived to pick up stuff from his garage. He had been waiting for them and they were supposed to come this morning. Whatever. His mother was an excuse the first time as well.

I think I need to steer clear of guys that still allow their mothers to dictate their schedules to them. Maybe I just don't get it. Yes, a guy should be their for their mothers, but when they allow their mothers to control their schedules, it is concerning. Now, I don't think it is always the mother's fault, but I think that if a guy is in his 30's and it's not a life or death situation, that they can plan their schedules a little better. My ex-husband canceled our first date because his mother was coming over to his house so he could use her vacuum cleaner. Now, I adore his mother. She is a very sweet person and we're still friends. I am fairly certain that if he had called her to let her know that it was a bad time for cleaning because he had a date, that she would have understood. (Or maybe not.. considering some of the women he dated before me.) I almost didn't give him a second chance... but obviously I did since we did meet and I married him.

Maybe it's just me, but if my dad was supposed to come over for something in the morning and I had other plans in the afternoon and he didn't make it, then I'd let him know that I wouldn't be here and he'd have to come another time... or he can do what he needs without me here. Maybe it isn't as simple as that, but my dad (or my mom) wouldn't throw a fit over it.

Well, my late lunch is ready so I better go take it out of the oven.

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abbagirl74 said...

Didn't we talk about this when you were here during the summer? I remember something being said about this on the way to Outback. I am almost sure we had a similar conversation. Perhaps we were talking about the ex and I am all mixed up. I probably am.

Oh well. You're better off without him. Are there any teachers who know some single guys? Perhaps if you kind of let them know you are interested in dating, they may know someone to fix you up with. It wouldn't hurt,and if it doesn't work out, maybe you can gain a guy friend out of it.

What the hell do I know. I am just trying to give advice I guess.