Thursday, September 27, 2007

What day is it?

For some reason I kept thinking today was Friday at school. It felt like a Friday, I guess. I'm disappointed that I have to go back tomorrow. I'm making up things as I go along which I tend to do quite a bit. Today in debate the classes searched car information so they could understand the concept between a criterion and a value. (If safety is a value in a car, then a criterion might be a car's crash test ratings.)

I am slowly getting caught up. I stayed after school today to get several things ready to be printed. I needed to make sure I had the stuff I needed for my presentation at convention next week. I finally heard from one of the other presenters so I didn't have to put together the whole thing which is good. I'm just responsible for my part. I'm getting excited about going. It's going to be a pain to plan for a substitute but I should get some great information and ideas while I'm there.

I have this "friend" that I talk to online. It's the guy that had the opportunity to meet me three times, but always had something come up. A long time ago (before Marty) we flirted a bit, but after a while it got old. I changed quite a bit since then and I know that he is definitely not my "type." I won't go into details as to what my "type" is but I consider him a friend of sorts although we've never met in person. Yesterday he asked if my lawn needed mowing. (Which of course it does.) He knows where I live and he offered to mow it for me. He's offered before but has never actually done it. When he offered last night I told him that if he did that I would let him take me out to dinner. Low and behold, he mowed my lawn while I was at work today. I guess I'm going to have to let him take me to dinner.

I feel like I'm getting sick. It's one of those "feelings" you just get. Where you feel something in your throat, but it's not anything major, but you can tell that something is coming on. Of course I've said this before and then it just goes away... which I hope is the case. I just felt kind of off today so I'm expecting something to hit me. I hope that if I do get sick that it comes and goes quickly this weekend and I'm not sick next week when I head to San Antonio.

Well, I'm going to eat dinner and wait for the season opener of CSI to come on. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I just didn't have much to say and I did some work last night before heading to bed.

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