Saturday, September 01, 2007

You win some and you lose some

I finally managed to get the website to work. I spent all afternoon on it. It's not anything amazing and dynamic, but I'm still a beginner of sorts. I am very proud of the slide show that I was able to put on the main page. I had to find a script and copy into the html code. Then I had to figure out how to put the pictures in it. I'm starting to figure out the tables and cells on a site. I've emailed the band director so I'm waiting for feedback from him so that I can fill in some of the missing items.

I got a call from my brother. Josh's car is running again. He still has some work to do on it before it will be ready. He said that it also will need new tires as well as new brakes. I guess Josh is going to have start trying to get some work in. He is costing me a fortune these days. Well, I'm going to call it a night. I'm going to play some word yahtzee, watch t.v. and head to bed early. I haven't decided which church service I'll be going to. It will depend on when I wake up.

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Summer said...

I just said the same thing about my youngest. It's time for him to get a job.