Wednesday, September 12, 2007

At last we're halfway there

There's still not enough hours in the day. It was a pretty good day, however. I had lunch with my speech team officers today. Although they were rushed a bit since our order was taken last, it was nice to have that time with them. We made some decisions for the year. I didn't rush my lunch since I have the period after lunch off as well. Today my students presented essays they wrote based on a lesson plan from the "This I Believe" site. I was really impressed by them. I hope to get them recorded and put on the web as podcasts. I wrote my own essay as well and I will post it tomorrow. It is on my computer at school so I'll have to wait until then to post it. Ahh... something to look forward to!

We didn't get Josh's car last night as it was too late by the time he got home. We went as soon as I got home today and then got the inspection sticker for it so he is good to go. I'm sure he's excited to have it back. I picked up Thai Kitchen for dinner since I didn't have time to cook.

I thought about going to the first RCIA class tonight, but I didn't get home until 15 minutes before it started. I didn't even finish my dinner by then. I still have homework to do. I decided to not start debate until next week so that gives me some more time. I'm going to have the students work on the extemp files instead this week. Hopefully, they will also record their essays. I have to figure out the rest of my lessons in interp class and get their project printed. Comm. App. class has a test tomorrow and then they have to start thinking about someone they will write their request letters to. This is a project I do every year that can yield some good results. Sometimes they write to celebrities or other famous people and sometimes they get cool stuff back. They've gotten autographed pictures from people like Tiger Woods, Jerry Springer, and George Lopez. Authors have written back and one Reggaeton artist sent a collection of CD's and a DVD to a student.

I finally caught up on my blog reading for today. When I got home I had 18 updates to read. I usually try to read at lunch, but I was gone today. Well, I'm going to try to get some work done and call it an early night.

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