Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The neverending week

I felt like I never left school really. I got home last night and went to bed about an hour and fifteen minutes later. I slept well - good enough that I didn't even hear Josh when he came in which I usually do - or I stay awake until he gets home. We had our first chill in the air last night. Yesterday a rainstorm came through late in the afternoon and it cooled things down. This morning was fairly chilly. It warmed up nicely by this afternoon, however. I'm frustrated with my room situation at school. I feel like I can't get anything done. I have a hard time really focusing during my conference period because of the class going on in my room. Since my desk is in my office area, I can't work in there during my own classes. I have a million things that need to be done, and I can't seem to get any one of them finished. This is my second year teaching interp and debate so I'm constantly tweaking lesson plans because I never got them the way I wanted them last year. I couldn't stay too late after school today because I needed to be home to make supper before Josh had to go to rehearsal.

I made a quick supper (but not quick enough for Josh) although he was able to scarf it down. Since then, I've been sitting in my recliner and working on my lesson plans for tomorrow. It's a never ending process. Maybe it's because I'm never satisfied with anything. I have stuff, but I don't feel it's complete and I would like it to be better organized. Maybe some day... like the day before I retire.

After Josh gets home from rehearsal we have to go out to the shop and get his car. It's finally ready. That will be a relief, but yet another long night. I may have to get to school early to finish my lesson plans.

I should learn to say no. Now I've committed myself to be a sponsor on the band trip to the game this weekend. There goes my Saturday. But at least I might be able to get some pictures and the information I need for the website.

Well, I think Josh will be back soon, so I better get off here and try to get more stuff done on my lessons. Andrew-thanks for the comment today. I appreciated it.


Andrew said...

I'm glad Josh gets his car back. I don't know what I would do without mine to go to my meetings. Have a great day today and I will be thinking of you. Remember to take some time for yourself. You are so darn busy all the time.

Andrew said...

Waaahhhh!!! I miss my Annabel. I am sitting in the house alone today with nothing to do but to blog and my favorite blog author is at work and can't. Boo Hoo! Hope you are having a great day! Love ya Gal!

EoNe said...

hi Annabel,

First time visitor to your blog and recommended by our friend Abbagirl :)

Leann said...

Have a lovely day Annabel. I love fall, one of my favorite times of year.