Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 a.m. I left for Hereford at 5:00 and we were on the road a little after 6:00 (because a student was late.) We got to the tournament about 15 minutes late, but it hadn't quite started yet. Some of my kids got off to a slow start, but they did better later on. I wasn't sure we'd get a sweepstakes trophy. We ended up getting 2nd place. I had one student that was pretty upset that she didn't make it to finals. She was crying when we went to Braum's and refused to eat. I know she worked hard on cutting her selection, but I don't think she has got the interp thing down. I think she's more of a speaker, but if I tell her that, she won't want to hear it. I'll try to talk to her on Monday. If I said anything to her at Braum's she would have just gotten more upset. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and battle places.

We got home around 10:30 and I was back home a little after 11:00. I was thoroughly exhausted. I scanned the blogs I missed, but I didn't read them in detail. I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. I didn't hear when Josh got home. I woke up a little after 8:00 this morning. I went to church and then came home. I made some lunch and watched the Monk marathon until I was too tired again. I took a nap and then got up and did a little bit of cleaning. Josh got home from orchestra rehearsal around 5:00 and we went to the store to get groceries.

We got home and I made supper. I haven't graded a single paper, but I should be able to get to them on Monday. I should be in bed by 10:00 tonight. At that's it. The weekend went by fast.

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