Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catching Up

I stayed after school until 5:45 today. I headed home and drove through a torrential rain storm. Since it was payday, I decided to pick up supper. I picked up some Wendy's, came home and plopped myself in my chair. After I ate, I updated the band website. Now I'm watching some t.v. and trying to talk myself into grading papers.

I cleaned my office after school and I hope to get caught up on lessons and paperwork by the end of the week. I want to get my coaching speech website up and going before I go to convention in October. I'll be heading to San Antonio for four days on October 3.

Our first speech tournament is coming up quickly. I don't think any of my students will get qualifications points, however. It's just too early for them to be ready.

I'm still tired. I could go to bed now if I'd let myself. I'm going to try to get to bed before 10:00 tonight so that maybe I can get up a little early tomorrow.


Andrew said...

Me and Dad were talking about Texas last night and how much rain you all have gotten. I told him of you writing on your blog that you got caught in a torrential downpour. We need the rain badly and you could send some this way. Have a great day today and know that I am thinking of you. Take care dear friend,


Leann said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. I don't know what part of Texas you are in, so I hope the rain is not something you've been getting loads of.