Friday, September 28, 2007

Simply Irritated

Students are aggravating me today. Not my students in particular, but I have little patience for noises and childish behavior. Today a student in the hall slammed my door shut which knocked my clock off the wall and broke it. At the beginning of 3rd period a student in the driver's ed class (which is in my room) was making a high pitched squealing sound. Maybe it's just hormonal, but I'd rather not be here today. I finally just had to get out of here so I took some things to be printed over to the printing room and then went to sonic and got a large coke with lime and some tator tots.

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it at the game tonight. It's homecoming so the stands will be packed and the mongrels will be running up and down the stands, up and down, down and up, squealing, pushing, yelling, and screaming. They will come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. I will probably just do my usual routine. Stay for the band's performance and then hightail it out of there. I'm simply tired of dealing with kids right now.

I'm going round and round with our counselors which is annoying me as well. At the end of last year another speech teacher asked us to have our classes fill out a survey to help her with her graduate thesis. I graciously complied and about 7 of my students participated in it. The teacher needed a copy of the student's transcript they had their parents sign a form stating it was o.k. to release the information. I made copies of those forms last year, gave them to the counselors and asked them for the transcripts. I only got them from one of the counselors. (We have 4 of them.) I figured it was a bad time at the end of the year so I went ahead and sent what I had on to the teacher and told her that I would try over the summer. Didn't get anything in the summer. She told me she still needed them this year, so I tried once again to get them. I got no response. After the 5th email request, I finally forwarded a copy of it to my principal. Low and behold I get a response. First they tell me that registrar person can get them for me. Then they state that they had them ready for me last year, but that I never picked them up. (I was never notified that they were to be picked up or ready. One of the counselors just put them in my box.) Now they can't find them. So I ask for them to be printed again. I'm then told that they can't release them without parent permission or a student can pick them up themselves. (Three of the students are now graduated.) I told them that they had copies of the parent permission slips. They said that they never had them. If that is the case, then why did they have them "ready for me" last year? So now I've emailed the teacher that needs these and I've asked her to fax me the copies of the parent permission letters and maybe, just maybe I can get the stinking transcripts.

So that's my day thus far today. I hope this mood passes soon. It's really annoying me.


Andrew said...

(((BIG HUGS))) You are far kinder about teaching than my mother ever was about her years in the trenches. Hang in there. We are all reading and hoping things get better. Your red tape reminds me of the kind of red tape I constantly have to deal with in the Social Security Administration.
Take and care and who knows? You may find Mr. William Peterson in your bed tonight! Wahh-Hooo!

Anonymous said...

Some day one is just running around for things here and there, to no result. It is frustrating shit.
I throw cushions to the ground and scream while driving. And yes, sometime I medicate.
Smile. Step back. Sub specie aeternitatis our troubles are - hm ... interesting?

Summer said...

I know you're having a rough time of it this week and I am sorry. I'm thinking about you.

abbagirl74 said...

Ugh, day from hell. I hate those kind of days!