Friday, September 07, 2007

Safe at Home

I guess we made the big time being on the weather channel and all. I stayed at school until around 5:30 and decided to head home. There was still water in some places, but for the most part it receded. I think on my street it got above the curb, but it didn't make it up my driveway and into my garage. It was dry. My backyard however does still have some standing water in it as it slopes down to the ally.

In the county south of us there was a tornado warning but I don't think an actual tornado touched down. The football game was canceled tonight and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Regardless, Josh and I are fine. He was able to get a ride home. I made supper and now I'm having one of those wonderful IM conversations with someone that thinks they can enrich my life by getting to know them. Monk is on and will be followed by Psych. I think it might have been a good thing to have the game canceled - at least I can watch my favorite shows.

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