Saturday, September 08, 2007

working from the easy chair

I have barely moved from my recliner all day. I've actually been working though. I'm creating a new website. I can only get so much done because I'm waiting for my hosting serving to install the front page extensions. Oooo... don't I sound so smart? I'm slowly figuring this stuff out. Of course I'm probably taking on more than I need to, but I'm still an overachiever. I'm thinking of questions for Andrew & Terri's interview. I'll try to post those by tomorrow.

Josh got me up this morning earlier than I wanted. I had to sign his form for the youth symphony. After that, I couldn't go back to sleep. I've been working on web stuff most of the day. I created my own button links in photoshop. I got basic pages set up, but I can't upload anything yet. Josh didn't make it back in time to go to the game. I made dinner around 5:30 and now I'm just taking it easy.

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