Friday, September 21, 2007

Early to bed

Tonight I have to go to bed early as I will have to leave here by 5:00 a.m. It will be a long day tomorrow. I hope my kids are ready. I heard all of them, but some were not quite where they needed to be. This will probably be more of a practice tournament since the entry numbers are low. Unfortunately, they won't get TFA points in most events.
I actually left school by 4:15 today. Can you believe it? I had to take the extemp files out myself. Usually I have students do it, but we ran out of time since they debated during 7th today. Several hadn't turned in their permission slips yet. I've told them that they can't get on the bus in the morning without it.
Josh isn't home yet. I don't know what we're going to do about dinner tonight. I don't know if I really want to cook, but I really shouldn't be spending more money on meals out. Josh has several things that have to be paid for this month. $30 musical fee, $20 for his dual credit history class, $75 for half his symphony tuition, $18 in lessons, $219 for a class ring. He may have to wait for the class ring. Is there a time when your children actually get less expensive? I know his senior year will be even worse.
Well, I need to figure out what to do about supper. I can't get a hold of Josh and I'm wondering if he went ahead and went to the game this weekend. It was optional, but he told me that he wasn't planning to go.
I probably won't be able to update again until Sunday... just an FYI. I expect we'll get back late tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Who needs supper?
5 in the morning is tough. I wish you best luck and a safe return.

Andrew said...

Going to miss you. Take care of yourself and return to us safe. I will be thinking of you.


Lynette said...

Hi, I found you through Andrew's blog. I remember those days, I was a debate mom. Sleeping in a room with six ninth graders who wanted to be separate from the older girls who were hooking up. In my view, children don't get cheaper, mine are in their twenties and we still feel obligated to "help" sometimes. Good luck at the tournament.