Sunday, September 09, 2007

Interviews are Ready

Andrew, Terri, and Abbagirl - I've posted your interview questions in a comment on your blog.

Today has been uneventful. I got up to go to Church. We didn't have class, but instead prayed the rosary and did a blessing for all the teachers. Then I stayed for Mass. I came home around 12:45 and Josh needed to print some of his transcribed music. Unfortunately, once again, my printer is out of ink. Luckily I was able to come to the rescue. I remembered that I had bought ink for my second printer (among about 4 that I have but actually works) because I was going to give it to Josh. I was able to get it set up, installed, and print the music in less than 15 minutes. It still needs some additional ink, but unlike my printer, it will print even though another color might be out.

Josh left for his symphony rehearsal shortly after that. I made some lunch and watched t.v. Then I took a nap. It was lovely except for a weird dream about playing my clarinet while getting sprayed with water at the same time. I got up and unloaded the dishwasher and then I got on the computer. I came up with my interview questions - obviously. Now I'm going to continue working on my new website. You can check it out if you want, but it's very blank right now. I'm trying to figure out how to put drop down menus on the pages where I'll have activities and such for the teachers.

I've got to go to the store (again) as we're out of milk and getting low on cat food. (Story of my life) I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner. I also need to do some laundry. Tomorrow is back to school night so I'll have to stay for that and look nice. Well, I better get busy.


Anonymous said...

"No milk today ..."

Andrew said...

I got the biggest chuckle when you wrote... (Story of my Life.) Thanks for the smile sweetheart! Hope your day went smoothly today and you get hope soon and can enjoy some of your afternoon. I miss your writings when you work.

abbagirl74 said...

Come by and read my answers! :)