Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where is everyone?

Nobody is updating their blogs today. I guess I'm part of that group. I went to church at the 11:15 service. I saw my brother and his family there. We chatted for a bit after church. I came home for a bit and then I went to the store. I came home and got on the computer and around 3:00 I realized that I hadn't eaten and that I was hungry. I had a bite to eat and then I took a nap. I got up and watched some t.v. I got around to making supper around 6:30. Now I'm thoroughly bored. I wish I had some blogs to read. Andrew hasn't updated in a couple of days. I hope everything is o.k. with him. I know that he's probably upset over an anonymous comment he got the other day. I wish he could learn to take those things with a grain of salt.

I have the day off tomorrow. Woo hoo! I've got to make plans for a substitute on Wednesday. I have a meeting in Canyon. I've got to make a test for my debate students. I haven't heard from the band director. I guess he doesn't check his school email on weekends. Well, I don't have anything else to add. It's been a dull day around here.

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Summer said...

I'll go look and see who said what over there.