Friday, October 14, 2011

Another weekend

Today was spent at a meeting regarding positive behavior interventions.  It’s basically strategies for maintaining discipline.  I was asked to participate in the meeting.  I think it is because they don’t have to get a sub for me when I’m gone.  But I think they also kind of like me as well.  It’s always hard to replace another person who has been a fixture within a school, but I think they realize that I have a lot to be bring to the job. 

I’m making some changes regarding the library.  I appreciate that I have a lot of students that want to be in the library before school, but it is getting hard to manage.  Most of the boys have been gunning to be one of the first four to play games on the computer.  But then we had a student that had a backpack stolen.  Then I’ve also been overwhelmed with just the numbers.  I have to deal with checking in books, checking them out, monitoring students coming and going and it is a lot to handle.  So now I’m implementing a requirement that students have a pass before school.  They can pick one up the day before from me or a teacher.  The computers also are going to be a positive behavior incentive.  I’m hoping this will alleviate some of the issues I’ve been dealing with.  Of course I’m still happy that students are excited to visit, but I certainly want them to actually use the library.  I have been checking out a lot of books though.  I hope they keep it up.

After our meeting today I went to the payroll office to get my paycheck issue resolved.  I had to fill out yet another form to get the check deposited in my local bank account – although the next check will still go into the account back in Canyon.  I came home and the house was quiet.  I didn’t hear Mollie barking like she usually does.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Then I opened the back door and it turns out that I had left Mollie outside.  Boy did she let me have it.  I certainly didn’t mean to.  I remember hastily shutting the back door this morning to keep Lucy from getting out, but I guess I didn’t realize that Mollie was still out there.  She was fine, but I did feel bad.  I let her yell at me and I gave her some extra love. 

I’ve spent the evening watching episodes of Psych and Monk.  I have such an exciting life.  Tomorrow I’m thinking of going to the movies.  By myself.  And maybe some shopping.  I feel the need to get out of the house. 

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