Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slow moving

I can’t understand why I wake up at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday when I’m allowed to sleep in.  I stayed in bed regardless and dozed off and on for another couple of hours.  Once I got up, I had my weekend cup of coffee.  This time I tried butter toffee flavor.  I wasn’t that wowed by it.  I ate some cereal and turned on the t.v.  I read the facebook updates of my friends, blog posts, and did some general web surfing.  I finally talked myself into paying my bills.  I had to set up more accounts on my online bill pay site with my bank so that took a while.  I eventually got all my bills paid except for my rent payment.  I’ll have to drive across town to drop it off because my bank can’t get it there before it’s due.  After that I couldn’t decide what to do today.  I kind of wanted to get out but at the same time I didn’t.  I took a shower and went to the tire shop because my tire indicator light had come on in my car.  They checked the pressure and filled the tires for me.  Then I went and ate lunch at Johnny Carinos.  After that I went to Big Lots.  I’m looking for a storage cabinet for my office supplies.  I saw one that I liked, but didn’t want to pay $129 for it right now.  Instead I was bad and bought some cookies.  After that I took a scenic route home to discover what was south of where I live.  Turns out there isn’t much.  Now I’m home and don’t know what to do.  I considered going to the movies but I didn’t want to drive across town.  I’ve been invited to a Halloween party tonight, but I don’t really feel like going.  I don’t have a costume that I want to wear and the party doesn’t start until 10 p.m.  I guess I’m getting to be a fuddy-duddy.


Leann said...

There are some days when being a fuddy duddy is perfectly o.k.

Summer said...

It was a fuddy duddy kind of day.